Social media marketing is a great way to reach customers and make them feel like they really understand what your brand stands for. Not only can you use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to get loyal customers excited about new products or tell them about flash sales, but you can also make conversions with new followers. The goal of good social media marketing is always to drive sales, not just to send out tons of messages. Here are five ways to make that happen:

Always Highlight Your Brand Identity

A catchy phrase or stunning picture does nothing for your company if readers don’t connect it with your brand. Add elements of brand colors, fonts or styles to every post and especially to shared images and videos. That way people know and remember you.

Make Your Brand Story About Your Employees

Including company employees in social media advertising has two advantages. First, it gives your business an attractive human touch, since employees can give followers a type of behind-the-scenes look at things. Second, by using employee social media channels, you increase brand awareness and total marketing avenues significantly. Encourage team members to share their stories or work experiences on social media freely.

Use Video and Personalized Content

Everyone loves videos. They’re exciting and energetic. Even better, branded videos help you stand out from the growing sea of social media posts that bombard potential customers. However, to maximize the effect of a great video, it helps to personalize it to users. Several digital tools let you feature company products against a wide variety of backgrounds depending on viewer interests. That way, if one customer is interested in adventurous living and another prefers sipping coffee with friends, you can share videos that appeal to each one in the best way.

Never Stop Learning About Your Audience

Good social media advertising should be dynamic. In other words, it should continuously adapt as your target audience’s lifestyle changes. In order to make sure you’re appealing to the right customers at the right time, you need to notice what’s going on in their conversations. What things are most important to them? What keywords are they searching for? Online applications can help you find the answers to these questions and tailor your marketing strategy to reach your ideal customers.

Take Care of Real-Time Conversations

It pays to have someone checking out responses to your posts. When someone posts a comment, fast responses can keep the conversation going. This turns a single post into a growing event that draws in more and more readers and potential customers. Make sure to direct people to your website to keep the party going.