Taking the time to create a beautiful, SEO-optimized website is worth the investment required. After all, high-quality content that draws customers in is directly related to increased revenue, customer satisfaction, and search rankings. However, just like a gorgeous storefront or company headquarters needs a fresh coat of paint or new décor from time to time to keep things fresh, your e-commerce website also needs to stay up-to-date. Ongoing web development improves the relevance and lets you appeal to even more potential customers. Where should you start?

Your Company’s Personality

The first stop on your SEO spring cleaning to-do list is your brand identity. What does your company stand for? Have its key objectives, personality or product offerings changed over the last few years? It’s important for your website to reflect that brand personality. For example, if you’ve decided to become more laid-back, trendy or elegant, then everything from social media posts to the website’s welcome page needs to clearly present this new voice.

Website Content

Make sure your landing pages, product category pages, and other product-related content are accurate and up-to-date. If your company offers new, expanded or different services than in the past, your pages should be updated to show the changes. Ideally, good web development means making these changes online ASAP whenever your company’s offerings change.

Pillar Blog Posts

You don’t have to go through every blog post ever to update things such as statistics or voice, but you should keep your pillar posts fresh. Pillar content means blog articles (often how-to guides) that drive major traffic to your site. Rewriting these posts to keep them hip and fresh is vital to tell Google you’re still relevant and to keep attracting lots of readers.

Company Contact Information

Dig deeper to find other areas of your website that need updating. Is your About page relevant still? If not, write a new description that more carefully matches what your company is about or who you are as an owner. Pages dedicated to company team members should also be up-to-date. Above all, high-quality web development should ALWAYS update contact information such as phone number, address, email and other essentials the second anything changes.


One common mistake in SEO is leaving old links in content that haven’t worked for some time. When updating blog posts, remember to click on each link. If a link is broken, replace it with an up-to-date version.

These basics form the framework of a good SEO spring cleaning. There are many other changes you can perform related to site colors, styles, fonts and images to give things a fresh feel. If you make sure everything fits your brand, you’re doing things right.