Social media posts are a great way to connect with your customers, interest new visitors and broadcast your brand’s personality far and wide. Social media management is vital to staying relevant in an online marketplace. So how often should you create new posts on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest? The answer may surprise you.

Finding the Sweet Spot for Social Media Posts

Posting constantly would obviously attract attention to your followers. However, business owners need to balance the time and money invested in creating posts with the effects these have. Smart use of your digital marketing budget means nailing down the ideal number of posts for maximum effectiveness. You want to retain attention, make your followers happy, cause customers to sense you’re interested in them and, above all, drive conversions. So how often is that?

Actually, the question of how often kind of misses the point. You can do all of those things, happy followers, contented customers, and effective conversions, with five posts a week or fifty. The idea is that substance is more important than frequency. Of course, you want to post often enough that people notice you, and once a day is a great goal, but you should focus especially on the quality of your posts.

Why Quality Matters in Social Media

Many social media sites are going through a type of information overload. Readers have endless amounts of notifications from countless artists, games, shops, and businesses they follow. Posting just for the sake of posting doesn’t work anymore. Meaningless posts clutter the screen, and many sites may not even show them in the feed of your target customers.

However, high-quality posts enjoy the opposite reaction. People like them, talk about them, share them and feel better for having seen them. This is the kind of post that moves and motivates your customers, and it’s the type of social media post that sites like to highlight.

How To Create High-Quality Social Media Posts

Modern social media management means saying things that make a difference in people’s lives. Sometimes it can be a short piece of poetry or a helpful tip that really does something for your customers. Announcing upcoming products or sales is also great, especially if done attractively. Basically, if content ranks well on the web naturally because of its quality, humor, and helpfulness, it’s worth posting. In turn, those are the posts that you should pay to promote.

So, how often do you need to write social media posts to stay relevant? Often enough to stay in the hearts and minds of your customers, but always through excellent content that is a delight to read.