Big companies routinely hire celebrities to do commercials and promote products, but this is usually outside the budget range for small business owners. This is where marketing with influencers comes in handy. These are social media personalities with their own audience that can fit into your niche and market your products to their fans. For instance, if you own a small café, then you can trade food items with a blogger and have him or her highlight your dishes on the blog.

Find a Marketing Pro

Even as a small business owner, it is a good idea to put the services of a marketing pro on the books. This professional can help you find and contact people to work with and can even iron out the deal details for you.

Choose a Channel To Grow

Marketing campaigns will direct your target audience to an aspect of your company on different channels. This can be your website or your various social media accounts. The best way to choose which one to grow is to look at the available data and determine where your target audience is. You can then either choose an influencer on those same channels or decide to grow a less active one.

Decide Your Influencer Goals

Influencers can help with brand awareness, community engagement, sales and a lot more. Knowing what your goals are can help you design a marketing campaign that benefits both you and your partners.

Find Influencers

The easiest way to find a partner for your campaign is to already follow them on social media. You can usually search the various platforms to find accounts that relate to your company or products. For instance, if you own a craft store, then looking for accounts of crafters using your products is a good way to start.

Measure the Results

You can measure the results from this type of campaign most clearly through social media engagement, especially if the campaign is associated with a specific tag. For instance, if you tie a contest in with the campaign that has a specific hashtag, then you can count how many entries there are a part of the results. This can help you determine if and how to continue a relationship with the influencer.

Using influencers in your marketing campaign can give you a relatively inexpensive way to increase engagement with your target audience. You can use this to grow your various social media channels, to develop an online presence for your brand or even expand your company into new markets.